“You have the opportunity to make your Life meaningful. You can do this in small doses by doing multiple things that you love doing. Or you can do this expansively by being engaged with a larger-than-you cause, your Purpose. Here ‘meaningful’ really means making each moment count, by living it fully, by celebrating it! Simply, as long as you do what makes you come alive, even if you don’t define it or connect it with a sense of Purpose, you are living meaningfully!” – Anonymous

Today, we at CrossFit Hartford celebrate 10 wonderful years as an affiliate, thankful for all the wonderful faces we get to see on a daily basis and for the many connections we’ve made with people throughout our 10 year history!

A decade of fitness, we’ve seen many highs. The combining of two gyms into one great community, moving to a new location with more accessible floor space, the passing of the torch from owner to another.

We’ve seen lows as a community and culture as well. COVID-19 rocked the world and the CrossFit space in ways none of us could of imagined. We, as an affiliate, took a stand against injustice and against some unbecoming things said by the top at CFHQ during a time of great social change. We acknowledged that this went beyond an ideology, but simply just being a better person in general.

With a stand came change. With change came an understanding and a need to do more for the community at large. As the changes began to unfold and show real promise towards a better world and a better mentality on being as inclusive of everyone as possible, we rejoined the fight against a sedentary lifestyle under the CrossFit banner.

Throughout the years, the way we do things may have altered and changed a bit over time, as we learned more and more from each other. Despite the change, the mission remains the same: make this the best hour of your day and make you better, healthier people.

We are grateful for every connection and love you all dearly. Past. Present. Future.